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Help to the table tennis videos

On you can't make anything wrong. All functions are for free, so you check everything out, experiment and click on everything. It be worth to get a look to all functions, because within seconds you can find every table tennis video, you search for. Also the table tennis tv is very intresting, and links to almost every table tennis live stream in the internet are available.

There are also a second menu above the image at the top. You can create an account on which brings you a few advantages. You can also subscribe and choose between several different types of subscritpion. So you get sended links to the latest, current table tennis videos. For webmasters there are banner from and the current table tennis world ranking to embed.

Normal Videos and Special Videos

There are 2 main categories on Normal Videos and Special Videos. By Latest Videos ans Random Video you can change over these categories.

Normal Videos

At Normal Videos you will find one world class table tennis match per video. There are Highlights from a table tennis match, the full match, uncut or the full match in short form. (every rally is included but the breaks were cutted)

Special Videos

At Special Videos you will find different types of table tennis videos. (chekc the filter at the left, if you have chosen Special Videos). The other filter adjustments has influence on the assortment of the videos, such as it do by Normal Videos.

Filter for the table tennis videos

On there are lots of table tennis videos. For this reason there are several filter adjustements in the image above. You can combine these filter adjustements to get the table tennis videos you want in a list on the right.
Alternatively you get showed the selectable table tennis players, table tennis tournaments and the years in the middle of the site.

Table tennis tournaments and leagues

From left to the right, the first filter is for tournaments and by Special Videos also for the video type. Choose a table tennis tournament and on the right you will get only the videos from this tournament.

Table tennis players, sex and age

By the second filter you can choose the tabl tennis players. You can also choose between table tennis women, table tennis men, doubles or/and U21 (table tennis players under 21 years)


From 1977 until the curretn year, you can choose one year, to get only table tgennis videos from that year. If you search older table tennis videos choose "older" or under Special Videos "Antique"

Image quality of the table tennis videos

Choose the image quality of tht table tennis videos, depending on how ambitious you are by the image quality. The image quality of the table tennis videos also were shown by a smily next to the video link

Ratings of the table tennis videos

You can also choose the ratings. Because of that it could be useful for you to rate a match (under the video)

Highlights, Full Matches and Full Matches in short form

Choose if in the video list on the right only highlights videos were shown. Or only full uncut matches. Or table tennis matches in short form, which means that all rallies are included. but all breaks between the rallies and between the sets were cutted.

You Tube Uploader

Choose your favourite you tube uploader. All users who uploaded you tube videos couldn't be listed, instead of that the uploader were listed, who uploaded the most you tube videos. At this point thanks to ALL You Tube Uploaders, who cutted and uploaded you tube table tennis videos. Without you this site wouldn't be possible. THANK YOU !!!

Table tennis tv television

Under the table tennis video list at the right, you always see a picture of a television apparat. In this apparat stands TABLE TENNIS TV. Click on it to play all the videos you have chosen in a endless loop. So it is table tennis tv with a programm you can choose by yourself.