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Video ausgewählt aus 16 Ergebnissen aus

-- CHOI Hyojoo (57) vs ITO Mima (6) --

-- Zagreb Open: 1/2 Finale 2015 --
-- Uploader: ittfchannel --
-- Qualität: 3

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Kommentare auf Youtube:

*Samsung vs. Sony* *The winner is : Samsung!* ????? :-)
ty0ung0s vor 2 Jahren

even though I'm a fan of Mima Ito, I'm kinda glad Choi Hyojoo won this open. Mima is getting cocky XD
icewizard5 vor 2 Jahren

???????????! 2015.5.29??????????,???????????????? ????????,Lee Yearam ?4:2??????? ????Hirano Miu???????????????,????????,?Lee Yearam?????,?????4:0??? ????????????,????????Choi Hyojoo??????????? ??,????Lee Yearam,???????????????????????????,?????????????,?????? ??,???????????????????,??????????????????! ????,????Hayata Hina??Lee Yearam???????????????????????????????????!???15???,???????????????????????????????,?????????????????,??!????,?????(??????????????)??????? ??2015.5.29
陳 Cschen vor 2 Jahren

Anything is possible! ?????????! ??2015????????,?????????????????????Choi Hyojoo,17?,????92?????????????????????????21??????,??????,???????????? ????????,?????????????!???????,?????????,??????????4:3???????Jeon Jihee(2015????????,?????26,23?),???4:2????????Yang Xiaoxin(2014???????????,?????44,27?),???4:3???????Ni Xialian(1983?????????,???69,52?),???????????????????Ito Mima(2015???????????????,?????11,14?),??1:3?????4:3??,????4:1?????Shan Xiana(2014????????,?????32,32?),????? ??,?????????????????,????????????,????????????????Anything is possible!?????????,????????? ???????????????,???????????????,????????,??????????????Robert Rowles??????,????????????????Yang Haeun,??????????? ??,??????????????????????,?????????!???? 1. ????????,????????????????????????,??????????????????????????????,?????????????? 2. ????????,?????????????????????? 3. ??????,????????,?????????,???????????????????????????,???????????? 4. ?????????,???????????,?????17?,????????????????????????15?,???????,??????????,???????,???????????????! ??,????????????,???????????? Cschen? ??2015.5.26 ?:ITTF????(????),??????,??itTV????????????
陳 Cschen vor 2 Jahren

OMG and here we have another newbie in the TT scene who beats Ito Mima and then in the finals(which ended like, 5 minutes ago as I type this), beats veteran Shan Xiaona to take the crown. Looks like we have a lot of budding talent in this era of TT!
leexster vor 2 Jahren

watched whole match on ittftv and i just can say Choi is boring player ever seen. she dries her hand on table a million times :S
cenk insan vor 2 Jahren

Choi Hyojoo was a superstar in the 2015 Croatia Open, her footsteps moved as fast as Rye Seungmin and her forehand attacking was amazing too, great job as she did in the tournament. I agree with the remarks made by Robert Rowles whose comment about her being No.1 in Korea within the next 2 to 3 years. But I still believe that Ito Mima will beat Choi Hyojoo when they meet next time. Why? 1. I think that Choi and her coach had definitely analyzed Ito Mima's tricks thoroughly before this match. Next time, Ito Mima and her coach will prepare well after being beaten by Choi this time. 2. Choi is a left-handed player who was playing excellently against Ito Mima this time. I truly believe that Ito Mima will go back and quickly figure out how to solve this tiny problem. 3. Choi's forehand is her biggest strength on the offensive and a bit weakness with her defensive. She usually relies on her forehand so much that Ito Mima might take an advantage of this to win the game in the near future. 4. Choi Hyojoo and Ito Mima both are considered as a short player like Deng Yaping. Choi is already 17 years old, she will probably maintain this height all her life. However, Ito Mima is now only 14, she will be sure to grow taller and become more powerful in the future. A big girl beat a little girl (age) this time. Next time, a big girl will beat a little woman!
陳 Cschen vor 2 Jahren

The man who shouts in favour of Choi is rude. It's her game, not his. Unfair for ITO.
neal tran vor 2 Jahren

??17?????????! 2015.7??????,?????4:0??????????Hina Hayata,?????4:0?????????????Ishikawa Kasumi????,????4:1???????????????Sato Hitomi??????????????????Ito Mima,??????????,???????????? ?????????????????????????,0:4??????,???????????14???????! ????,?????????????????Seo Hyowon????Yang Haeun????Jeon jihee??????,????????????????!??????????????????,???????,???(8?)??????????????!??(??)???No.92????No.44,???????No.30???! 2015.7.5
陳 Cschen vor 2 Jahren

Impressive young talents. Their speed of play is jaw dropping! Unfortunately the quality of the video as well.
Gerhard Käppler vor 2 Jahren

4:28 !!!
Supavit Suksatid vor 2 Jahren

Have just watched the whole match on the ITTF website, and I have to say well played Choi. She's lightning, and returned some of Mima's best shots with interest. But, it was close: I can't say I saw real dominance. And as a bit of a Mima fanboy, I note the age difference. Let's see what happens in 2-3 years time.... But I will add that Choi looks like a future Korean number 1 - more potential than Yang Haeun.
Robert Rowles vor 2 Jahren

Choi, really like her forehand, backhand needs improvement. Talented player, good athleticism like Mu Zi
Terry Liu vor 2 Jahren

Kalunga1 vor 2 Jahren

Kalunga1 vor 2 Jahren

Orginal Youtube Titel:
Zagreb Open 2015 Highlights: CHOI Hyojoo vs ITO Mima (1/2)

Orginal Youtube Beschreibung:
Review all the highlights from the CHOI Hyojoo vs ITO Mima (1/2) Match from the ITTF Zagreb Open 2015