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-- FAN Zhendong (2) (15-16) vs XU Xin (5)(22-23) --

-- Chinese Trials: 2013 --
-- Uploader: TableTennisEvents --
Bewertung: +++++(1 Bewertungen insgesamt) --

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Kommentare auf Youtube:

they getting old..... The first 4 would own them i think and fang ,yan and lin should go there to improve themself and maybe not to win .
Rambo vor 4 Jahren

What would be the point of sending them? They're not gonna win and it'll be a good opportunity for the youngsters to gain some experience.
Jamie Matthews vor 4 Jahren

you wouldn't send wang liqin or ma lin???? you crazy
Dan S vor 5 Jahren

Actually, they only need 5 for the singles. That's more shame than 7. We only need one more to finish the 5 delegates for Paris. Xu Xin, Zhang Jike, Ma Long, and Yan An already have their tickets. Oh yeah, and LGL doesn't simply pick players, he let's them go through the trials (as you can see in the video).
Clyde Cledera vor 5 Jahren

Xu Xin's RPB setups up his step over forehand so well.
thresholden vor 5 Jahren

personally, i would rather see fan zhendong go to wttc, rather than wang hao...no diss to wang hao, an eternal legend, first master of the reverse penhold. fan zhendong's game is just so big, and exciting, he can be #1 in 2 years i think.
dfunkt vor 5 Jahren

Fan Zhendong's ball is SO severe, even for a Chinese player...
qazwsxa1029 vor 5 Jahren

Yeah, China can only send 7 players to the singles, which is a shame. I think that what country you come from shouldn't matter. So what if 60% of all players would come from China, you know? Same goes for the Olympics. All the best players should get to play. The only time it should matter what country you come from is in the team competition. Anyway, if I were Liu Guoliang, I'd send Wang Hao, Zhang Jike, Ma Long, Xu Xin, Fang Bo, Yan An and Lin Gaoyuan. 4 seasoned players, 3 rising stars.
forestloves vor 5 Jahren

Oh... Yes... I had not seen ! thanks
Vincent Bré vor 5 Jahren

fan is great, he can actually win the rallies, but the thing he really needs to improve on is, first few strokes, receives, counterlooping or defending the first attacks. i actually hope that he can participare in wttc rather than seeing the older players, but the elder players are great as well, thanks for sharing
perniciousnc vor 5 Jahren

look at the upper left corner.....cctv5 :;)
Rambo vor 5 Jahren

where do you watch the matches?
Vincent Bré vor 5 Jahren

awesome fast and furious
aa4362 vor 5 Jahren

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Xu Xin Vs Fan Zhendong: [China Trials for WTTC 2013]

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