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Video ausgewählt aus 68 Ergebnissen aus

-- FANG Bo (30) vs XU Xin (5)(21-22) --

-- Russia Open: 1/2 Finale 2012 --
-- Uploader: TTPoster --
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Kommentare auf Youtube:

Terrible handshake
Citi Cleaners vor 5 Jahren

hmmm i dont think its so much lack of mental toughness, but that Fang Bo just doesn't have the body to play well against Xu Xin. To play against Xu Xin's style I really think you need to be a bit taller than Fang Bo. Because Xu Xin's shots, have so much spin and arc that if you aren't tall enough you are forced to take the ball a lot earlier, in which case the margin of error becomes too tiny.
scylla24 vor 5 Jahren

wow xu xin in top form
Pieter-Jan Louage vor 5 Jahren

Fang Bo's technique is great, but needs to work on mental toughness... saw too many disgusted/disappointed looks on his face, also think he let the result of game 1 affect him too much.
derp vor 5 Jahren

2:42 Doesn't look like Xu Xin is even trying.
Athena Chow vor 5 Jahren

黃詣紘 vor 5 Jahren

Orginal Youtube Titel:
Russia Open 2012: Xu Xin-Fang Bo

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